HVAC and Refrigeration


Preventative Maintenance:

Planned HVAC and Refrigeration system maintenance is essential to the proper operation of HVAC and Refrigeration systems. Regular preventive maintenance alleviates unexpected downtime as well as inevitable extensive and costly repairs.  

Some of the benefits of preventative maintenance are:

  • Significantly reduce system failure
  • Remove health and discomfort complaints
  • Increased efficiency
  • Decrease operation and utility costs
  • Reduced unplanned down time which negatively impacts your core business

Emergency Response:

When you experience the inevitable reality of a nonfunctioning system you can end up with two emergencies.  The emergency of needing your system working so you can resume business as usual and the emergency of finding someone you can trust to service your system.  PTS Contracting has a fleet of trained refrigeration and HVAC technicians who provide the same high level of customer service and professional excellence that our new installation teams have.

When your equipment fails to perform you don’t have time to deal with it.  One call to our 24/7 service line and you can move on to the important responsibility of running your business.  We are the trusted choice of brands such as Aldi, Fresh Time and 7-Eleven covering the entire state of Michigan.

Refrigeration Equipment Service for brands such as:

  • Hussmann
  • Kysor
  • Hill Phoenix
  • Zero zone

HVAC Equipment Service for brands including:

  • Trane
  • Daikin
  • JCI/York
  • McQuay

An annual maintenance and service agreement will keep your equipment running at optimal performance, decrease overall downtime, reduce costs and lesson frustration and concern.  Call PTS Contracting today for refrigeration and HVAC peace of mind.

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