Rooftop HVAC


A rooftop HVAC plays a key role in the wellbeing and comfort of your employees and customers, so selecting the right system is critical. Of course, these units come in a wide range of sizes and types so, the decision to purchase a new system is a difficult one that needs the help of a professional.

At PTS Contracting, we sell and service a wide variety of rooftop HVAC, and with years of experience, our team can help you determine the right system for your specific needs. Because no two businesses or industries are exactly the same, you shouldn’t settle for a cookie-cutter approach when purchasing a new system.

Rooftop units are the most common type of HVAC systems for industrial and commercial businesses as they have several major advantages over non-rooftop systems. Not only are they cost effective, they are adaptable and pre-engineered for your business needs.

A rooftop unit is also known as a packaged unit. Packaged units are different from split systems that are typically used in homes. A split system has part of its components on the outside of the building and some of its components on the inside of the building. Packaged unit’s components are all on the outside making them easier to maintain as well as saving space.

Depending on the system selected, rooftop HVAC units can also provide heating, and in fact, most of them do.

Here at PTS Contracting, we have experience with all different types of HVAC units. Our knowledgeable professionals will not only help you determine the right system for you, we will also provide around the clock emergency service as well as scheduled service.

Keeping your system working at peak performance is our goal. A well-maintained unit will save you money on monthly utility costs as well as reducing the need for major repairs down the road.

Whether you’re looking to update your current system, or you are in the planning stages of a new business, we are here to help you through the process of finding and installing a rooftop HVAC for your commercial or industrial business.

The best time to learn more about our services is right now. Whether you need an HVAC system or have some other mechanical contracting need, we’re here to help you get the job done on time and on budget. Contact us today to learn more. We look forward to helping you build your business.

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